About the Blog

District RestauRANTS is a blog intended to educate the greater American public about the in’s-and-out’s of working in the restaurant industry. Too few understand how difficult it is to maintain the necessary positive demeanor to secure life-sustaining tips when your customers have absolutely no concept of what you’re going through.

I will take you through tipping, sitting, camping, and complaining, throwing in a few anecdotes here and there to show you just how INSANE some diners really are.

We are not making this sh*t up.

Hopefully, those of you reading this who have not experienced the wonders of working in the service industry will take a few pointers and reconsider abusing your server, bartender, or hostess the next time you go out to eat.

Consider this a 21st century crash course in restaurant etiquette.

From the average server’s perspective.


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