So when I first started this blog, I thought it would be a great place for people to come together and share their experiences in the restaurant industry, like Habermas’s ‘public sphere‘.

I was wrong.

What it turned into (and I’m okay with it) was a place for me to voice my frustrations… and for people to respond to them.

Fun for me. Kind of annoying and mundane for everyone else.

In fact, it’s eerily similar to how Wikipedia started out– with the Wikipolice deciding what was ‘discuss-able’ and what needed to be cut out.

So I decided that I needed a separate (but connected) sphere where people could actually vent their own frustrations. Not only because I love hearing the crazy stories of other people, but also because restaurant workers need a place to vent. We’re not allowed to do it at the restaurant (for fear a customer or manager will hear us), even though most of the time it’s the only thing we can think of during our entire shift.

And so emerged #EATiquette— a magical place full of memes and blog posts and articles and media meant to bring the restaurant worker community together full force– for a commiseration session (or two, or three) whenever our little fragile hearts desire.

There are a few things to note: While #EATiquette is completely open to posting by anyone, the platform Tumblr does not attribute names to the entries, so there’s really no holding anyone accountable to their posts. That said, this might incentivize some to contribute who otherwise might not… considering many posts are personal and can expose intense emotion at times.

Also, there seems to be no ‘Reply’ function on the platform, making it difficult to actually have a discussion. I attempted to begin a conversation or two on the site, but whether the Chat function actually works has yet to be seen.

Either way, it seems that the site has garnered a few followers, and at the very least a small base of contributors.

Enjoy diving into the mind of a restaurant worker– and be warned: We can get fiesty!


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