Servers Down?

This is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.

So apparently a new gadget, called the Presto, is debuting around states like California and may very well redefine the way we eat out.

The Presto is a Kindle-like tablet with a touchscreen that lets customers order their meals and pay the bill– all without the need for a server.

Server response?


What does this mean for the future of restaurant workers if they’re not longer needed??!

Some say these tablets could very well replace severs in the restaurant-place. Others have a more positive outlook, suggesting that perhaps this would benefit servers, since they’ll be able to spend less time and energy on menial tasks like dividing bills, running checks, and placing orders, and concentrate on more important parts of the process, like suggesting plates, providing information about drinks and meal options, and just giving an overall more in-depth experience to the customer.

Who knows? But I hope I’m well into my professional career before this happens. ‘Cause I’ve gotta make myself a LIVING.

One thing’s certain, though. This is VERY good news for people who dread human interaction of all kinds. Maybe this will get more people out of the house and into the dining experience?


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