Kick off your shoes.

So my shifts usually start at 3 pm on Sundays.

Today, I got in and got situated. My first step is to block off all of the tables so no one else can make a reservation online. If you really want to eat here, you can call the restaurant and I’ll see if I can fit you in. Otherwise, you can wait with the rest of the city. No offense. (And yes, we seriously do that– otherwise, we have people making reservations 5 minutes before they walk in. Have I mentioned that before? ‘Cause it’s true. And insanely rude.)

I digress.

My second step is to shift the seating chart system over to the “Dinner” setting. So basically the morning girls operate in the ‘Breakfast’ setting– which means they use one floor plan for the hours they work (and the morning reservations are added to their list), and then when I come in I use another floor plan (and my evening reservations are added to that one).

Kind of confusing. But all YOU have to know is that I manually input every occupied table in the “Dinner” floor plan when I get to work. That way, I can see all of my reservations and don’t have to keep clicking to a different setting.

So today, around 5:00 or so, I realized that one table was listed as having been there for over 2 hours.


I told their server I was appalled that they’d been there for so long. In fact, I told him “Omgosh, like over two hours!!!’

I picked up on a momentary quizzical look before he agreed and went to pick up food.

It wasn’t until later that I realized what that look was for.

When I saw 2:48, I did the math in my head quickly to see what time that meant they’d come in. Turns out it was 3pm. Then I thought: “Wait, *I* came in at 3pm… So this means that this time is just the amount that’s passed since I switched over the floor plans”…

On a hunch, I went back to the Breakfast floor plan.

Sure enough, what I found shocked me:


No WONDER their server had looked at me strangely. These girls hadn’t been sitting there for two hours. THEY’D BEEN THERE FOR OVER FIVE. I have NEVER seen someone sit in a restaurant for five hours straight. And they’d paid two hours before!! They were just chatting away, taking up one of their server’s FIVE tables. Meaning he’d lost about 6 tables worth of tips. !@%#$^!%@$#


I don’t even stay in my APARTMENT for more than 3 hours, unless I’m unconscious or deathly ill. There is NO reason to stay in a restaurant for that long.

Have some DECENCY, people! Geez!



2 thoughts on “Kick off your shoes.

  1. I certainly know that conversations can get carried away…but 5 hours is CRAZY! i know that when i go out with my friends, we definitely get conscious of how long we’re staying after we pay the bill. I can’t believe they were there for that long. That is definitely very rude. Poor waiter 😦

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